Can You Recognize Bias When You See It?

Biases affect our decisions in ways that often lead to negative consequences. People struggle to recognize biases. Resilience, which comes from the ability to master disruption and uncertainty, starts with greater resistance to biases. To resist them, you need to identify them. This quiz, taken from the ARETE Prediction Bootcamp's curriculum content, serves as a way to measure how well you can identify the most common cognitive pitfalls we all face.

Explore The ARETE Brain Bootcamps That Help You Master Disruption

Use decision science in this intro course on how to improve your decisions
Brain Basics Bootcamp

Start your journey in learning how to anticipate change and master disruption with this introductory one-hour course:

  • Fun decision science videos for beginners
  • Test your ability to identify biases.
  • Downloadable, reusable worksheets help you get decision optimizing techniques down to a simple routine. Optional reading materials & videos also supplied
  •  Course can be completed in 60 minutes
  • One-time payment of USD $49 (billed once, permanent access)
ARETE Decision Bootcamp uses superforecasting and decision science

A comprehensive, self-timed training program to advance your leadership savvy by honing you predictive skills:

  • 30+ videos guide you through 6 weeks' worth of materials you can study & complete at your own speed.
  • Package includes access to a forecasting competition as part of this unique learning experience to test your skill. Prizes awarded for top accuracy
  • Annual subscription of USD $49/month (billed annually)
ARETE Prediction Bootcamp is a comprehensive masterclass in decision-making
Prediction Bootcamp

The 6-week ARETE Prediction Bootcamp offers a world-class mentoring & coaching experience with live, weekly sessions:

  • Includes all the features of the Decision Bootcamp PLUS:
  • Private one-on-one coaching sessions with Superforecaster Regina Joseph and other renowned special guests
  • Live weekly one-hour interactive sessions to reinforce learning in a team setting
  • Annual subscription of USD $249/month (billed annually)