Future-proof your decision-making with a top-ranked Superforecaster in bootcamps and mentoring programs for every skill and budget level. Optimize your potential with science!

Staying a step ahead and pivoting when you confront unexpected changes requires strengthening your mental reflexes. From pandemics to financial crises to challenges at work or at home, ARETE Bootcamps & Mentoring Programs prepare you to make better life and leadership decisions through the application of decision science. These methods are gleaned from over a decade of world-renowned government-funded research conducted by ARETE's creators. To transform your future, ARETE cultivates the critical thinking, foresight and resilience skills you need to succeed in the face of global disruption:

  • Go Beyond Google: Hunt open source informatiion like a pro analyst
  • Think in Forecasts: Become proficient in prediction by learning with the best
  • Metacognitive Training: Overcome mental barriers by understanding your thinking style
  • Teaming To Win: Be a better collaborator via a contest with a chance to earn prizes
  • Dedicated Coaching & Mentoring programs that use scientific principles to identify & mitigate noise and bias in your decision-making
  • Weekly Live Sessions & Office Hours: Develop your confidence in Group & One-on-One coaching with course leaders to guide you and help break problems down
  • Applied Use Cases: Adapt predictive reasoning to manage finances better; negotiate skillfully; and view it in health; finance; tech; retail; global & sport contexts

Facing uncertainty, recessions, systemic bias and failure is part of the complexity of 21st century life. ARETE's programs aim to sharpen your ability to forecast what comes next--a strategic skill and process. Families don't typically teach their kids predictive reasoning & schools don't provide these lessons in a way that allows you to learn & practice without consequences if you make mistakes. Our goal is to give you the same edge that mostly only elites can access today: a way to develop resilience by seeing further.

Built on a scientifically-proven system that has trained diplomats, military and government policy specialists in the US and Europe since 2014, ARETE's unique mentor-based programs are now available to the general public. 

Course completion will improve your predictive accuracy: you'll learn how to break problems down more effectively; you will understand how to lead by anticipating change; and boost your preparedness in any domain requiring decision-making under uncertainty.

Fun & Engaging Lessons Make the Science Understandable

The inter-disciplinary principles behind anticipating future outcomes accurately may seem dry, but learning it doesn't have to be. ARETE creator Regina Joseph combines her award-winning background in creative direction with superforecasting to make entertaining lessons that are humorous and easy to grasp.

Learn & Practice Forecasting

Practice what you've learned in a forecasting tournament. Test your new-found skills in information-hunting, problem assessment, probability estimation, and group interaction, in an environment where it's OK to make mistakes. You'll receive an accuracy score and compete for prizes in skill- and knowledge-building tournaments..

Premium Group &
One-on-One Mentoring

ARETE offers the unique opportunity to be mentored in live private & group interaction sessions with world-class course leaders. We share our unique experience in breaking barriers, strategizing future outcomes individually and collaboratively in teams, and powering through obstacles to reach the pinnacles in our fields.

Hi, I'm Regina

I'm a cofounder of the company Pytho and the creator of ARETE. These programs represent over a decade's worth of my experience in government-funded research developing cognitive science-based techniques, as well as teaching their application to critical decision-making at the highest levels in both public and private sectors. I have a consistently winning track record as a top-ranked Superforecaster since 2012 in IARPA research programs. My training systems are used by governments in Europe & the US. And I have applied my foresight to entrepreneurship, creating several award-winning products that were the firsts of their kind--like the world's first digital magazine, Blender.

What program graduates say:

"In the Netherlands, over 100 employees of different government ministries, research institutes and companies were trained so far by Regina Joseph in strategic foresight. The course was very helpful in training our forecasting skills and our assessment of trends, events and risks. Regina is a skilled, passionate and enthusiastic teacher and a top superforecaster."

- Dr. Marcel G. Mennen, The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Former Secretary of the Dutch Analyst Network on National Safety and Security

Master Disruption Though A Future Focus:

"Dr. Roxane Cohen Silver, a professor of psychological science, medicine and public health at the University of California, Irvine, agreed that focusing on the future rather than the past is what ultimately helps us cope with difficult experiences.

 “Many people throughout their lives encounter adversity that doesn’t go their way or is unexpected,” she said. “And when people successfully navigate these new life adversities, they are likely to learn things about themselves they didn’t realize.”

--From the New York Times, Sept. 7, 2020 "How to Cope When Everything Keeps Changing" by Cindy Lamothe